Business Traveler Demands Changing as Spend Set to Increase

February 9, 2015
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The amount of money spent by business travelers set to increase as demands change.

The overall value of spend by business travelers across the globe is expected to increase in 2015, but a new study has revealed that what these types of traveler want from their trips has changed somewhat in recent times.

The most common things that business travelers now expect from their trip include increased benefits, such as access to lounges within airports and preferential seating for families during leisure time. In a list of stranger expectations, travelers also want their brand to offer them more away from the work-based nature of their travel.

According to the report from Priority Pass, more business travelers now also want a trip to include good access to experience-based amenities, including easy booking of spas, top restaurants and cultural events in whatever city they happen to be visiting.

Errol McGlothan, general manager, Priority Pass, said: “Business travelers have revealed a strong desire for experiences to enhance their travel experience, such as access to airport lounges, concierge services, and upgrades. They are also keen to extend the benefits from their business trips to improve the experience of travel with their families, for example using points to ensure they can book plane seats together for their families when on holiday.”

According to the findings, some 66 percent of all people who are taking business trips want to have the chance to enjoy experiences and take in the culture of the place they happen to be visiting. In addition, some 41 percent also want to have the chance to visit attractions that are somewhat off the beaten track, which is more than in the leisure travel sector.

In terms of business spend from travelers, some 33 percent of all buyers told Priority Pass that they will have more money to spend in the year ahead than they did last year, with the average business traveler expected to take 5.8 business trips in 2015.