Customization is ‘The Next Big Thing’ in Travel Booking

June 1, 2015
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Company claims that the ability to customize a trip on the fly will be the key to the future of the market.

The future of the travel market will be the ability handed to consumers to customize their vacation down to the smallest detail, and all on the fly, according to the owners of a new website that does just this.

Dubai-based start up HolidayMe claims that its website will breathe a new lease of life into the bookings sector as it allows for instantaneous customization and updates to a holiday which gives the traveler the chance to change his or her own holiday in order to make their dreams come true.

The unique ability to make on the go decisions and bookings to create a complete holiday, as well as booking standalone flights, hotels, activities and transfers at any time means it stands alone compared to other sites, and the owners say this will feed into the demand people have for unique trips these days.

It could be a popular move, with the website likely to appeal to people who are traveling on their own, leaving them free to customize their holiday on a whim. According to reports earlier this week, the number of people taking solo trips is increasing all the time, and it’s expected to become a major market in 2015.

The website offers its users access to over 100,000 hotels and over 8,000 activities to choose from, as well as having airport transfer facilities in more than 300 cities across the world.

HolidayMe co founder and chief executive officer Geet Bhalla said the site is initially launching in the Middle East, but added that it will soon have a worldwide launch.

Digvijay Pratap, co founder and managing director, said: “We have massive plans for the immediate future. The Arabic version of the website is set to be launched soon, making it all the more easier for people from the Middle East to book their holidays. Multi-destination holiday packages and flights options are also in the pipeline, adding to the website’s inventory.”