IMEX America 2023 Recap

October 23, 2023
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Exploring the Best Moments from IMEX America 2023 

IMEX America 2023 was a resounding success, and Onyx CenterSource was right in the heart of the action. Held at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada, from October 17 to 19, IMEX America welcomed nearly 15,000 professionals from the global meetings, events, and incentive travel industry bringing suppliers and buyers together to conduct a year’s worth of business under one roof. 

Onyx Team at GroupPay Booth

Onyx attendees from left to right: David Marks, Meghan Rogge, Sara Meyer, Tony Wagner, Ashley Perkins, Maira Silveira Gondim and Hayley Kenslea.

Showcasing GroupPay by Onyx CenterSource 

Onyx CenterSource seized the opportunity to showcase its transformational product, GroupPay. This commission payments automation platform is designed to empower hotels and meeting professionals by offering unprecedented transparency and efficiency in tracking and managing event commission payments. With features like easy reconciliation and tax-compliant invoicing. GroupPay received tremendous attention from the event attendees. Booth visitors were treated to engaging live demos of GroupPay and left with exclusive GroupPay-branded swag.   

Memorable Moments at IMEX America 2023 

IMEX America 2023 was an exceptional occasion for the Onyx team to connect with M&E professionals across the industry. The feedback regarding GroupPay was overwhelmingly positive. Among the event’s most memorable highlights were:  

  1. The Maritz-DRPG Session: This standing-room-only session explored the future of events and AI, providing valuable insights into the industry’s evolution.  
  2. Creating Accessible Environments: Discussions on making events more inclusive and accessible, ensuring that everyone feels welcome.  
  3. Mental Well-Being: The event fostered conversations about mental well-being in the M&E industry. Onyx is actively contributing to this dialogue with its recently released eBook, Burnout, Boredom, Quiet Quitting: How Workplace Inefficiency Impacts Your Team’s Mental Health. This eBook offers practical solutions to enhance employees’ mental well-being. 
  4. Industry Influencers: With his notable LinkedIn posts from the conference, Julius Solaris made a lasting impression by sharing trends and key takeaways from IMEX America 2023. 
Onyx with sign

David Marks and Maira Silveira Gondim with the welcome sign

Insights Gained at IMEX America 2023 

Some key insights and trends noted by Onyx CenterSource at IMEX America 2023 include: 

  1. Networking and Relationship Building: IMEX is a big family reunion of sorts. The importance of networking and fostering strong relationships with industry professionals was underscored. Typically, one thinks bigger is better but despite record attendance, the most significant connections and new business relationships were being built in smaller groups and intimate engagements. Do not underestimate the power of quality over quantity!
  2. Technology’s Impact: Technology continues to wield substantial influence in the meetings and events industry, with innovations reshaping the attendee experience. The focus is shifting from external-facing technologies to internal and back-end technologies that can scale demand and remove the mundane, referred to as Back-of-House Technology. 
  3. Event Design and Production: Emerging trends in event design and production, including immersive experiences and personalization, were hot topics. 
  4. AI’s Potential: IMEX America explored AI’s potential in shaping the future of events and how it can enhance the overall attendee experience. It’s a buzzword but few know how to use it for real impact. Get plugged in now with partners who bring innovation in this area. 
  5. Stay Engaged! Lastly, the event reinforced the significance of attending industry conferences and trade shows to stay current on the latest advancements and best practices in the industry. 

IMEX America 2023 was a phenomenal experience for Onyx CenterSource and attendees alike, as it unveiled the industry’s future direction and fostered meaningful connections. It was an event that truly encapsulated the dynamic spirit of the meetings and events industry.  

Hayley Kenslea joined Onyx in 2019 and is currently VP of Marketing, overseeing marketing activities across Onyx’s global locations and product offerings. She has 15 years of experience spanning all aspects of marketing, from digital to product go-to-market to campaign management and marketing operations.