Customer Success Story:
Leading Corporate Travel Department

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The Corporate Travel Department (CTD) of one of the largest global aircraft manufacturers has consistently provided the highest quality travel management service to their employees as their parent company continues to grow and expand their global reach. Seeking to extend their proven record of leveraging leading products and services to enable their success, this CTD issued an RFP to identify the most effective hotel commission collection, reconciliation, and analytics provider for their needs. Onyx CenterSource is proud to have been selected to expand our 25-year partnership with the CTD leveraging our Sure Pay™ and RecoverPro™ solutions to achieve their goals.

Increased Commission Collections

The CTD realized the benefits of Onyx’s relationship with more than 150,000 hotel properties and our mature tracking and recovery model to increase commission collections OVER 50% in the first 12 months of service.

Reduced Operating Costs

The CTD reduced reliance on third parties to administer thousands of individual commission payments as well as lowered bank charges by moving to a single electronic payment resulting in a 3X reduction in operating costs.

76% Cost Reduction

Enhanced Data Collection

Onyx’s established B2B payment system allows for maximum transparency between corporate travel departments and hotels, giving the CTD increased insight into booking and stay information to support an even more effective commission collection process. Leveraging the data provided by Onyx, the CTD saw a double-digit increase in room nights processed.

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