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Strategic Partnership Solutions Driving Innovations
In Hospitality Financial Technology

Onyx partners with companies of all sizes across hospitality, travel, business intelligence and payments. Onyx CenterSource enables seamless, automated and contactless financial technology solutions for hospitality and travel companies and partners. Our customized solutions combine the functionality and insights that our partners require in today’s dynamic market.

Delivering Powerful Solutions to Our Partner’s Unique Business Needs

Global Reach
  • With employees spanning the globe, Onyx provides financial technology innovations to markets worldwide.
  • Onyx’s global clientele means the company is uniquely familiar with the needs of hoteliers and travel agencies, ensuring optimal payment experiences.
Collaborative Approach
  • Onyx takes a collaborative and consultative approach to partnerships – aligning goals and objectives while seeking mutual opportunities through group discovery.
  • We work with our partners to find the most effective solutions that deliver mutually beneficial financial outcomes.
Seamless Payments Optimization
  • Our solutions enable seamless, contactless remittance to partners, improving visibility into payment status, reducing ambiguity and delays and improving accuracy and timeliness.
  • These solutions are highly configurable and utilize technology that integrates seamlessly with the platforms you use for capturing data and payment visibility.
World-Class Technology
  • Onyx’s tech stack gives partners the ability to consume and transform data from multiple insights partners.
  • The size, level of detail and ease of API integration provides business partners with a seamless, scalable and secure data management experience.
Our Technology Partners

Onyx’s partner relationships give us the insight, cooperation and capabilities to develop solutions that benefit our joint customers. 

Onyx’s solutions are custom developed over our 10+ years in the hospitality industry. Our robust partnerships enable hoteliers, travel agencies and intermediaries to focus on running business operations and impacting the bottom line.


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