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Commission Payment Solution for Meetings and Events

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Payments Solution for the
Meeting and Event Industry

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Onyx GroupPay is an industry first payments automation platform that provides hotels and meeting professionals unparalleled transparency and efficiency to track and proactively manage their event commissions, enabling easy reconciliation, compliant invoicing and faster payments.

Less Effort Means Less Cost

Reduce the amount of time spent on manual tasks with GroupPay’s payment automation platform. For hotels, this eliminates labor-intensive tasks associated with issuing commission payments. GroupPay saves agencies time by chasing down commission payments on their behalf. The platform provides superior payment accuracy, saving staff time spent on manually identifying, correcting and requesting that hotels re-issue payments.

Faster Commission Payments

GroupPay automates the workflow of managing commissions ensuring a faster reconciliation and more accurate final commission calculation. When you align this workflow with consolidated payments, compliant invoicing, proactive processing and collection, and performance tracking the result is faster and more accurate payments from hotels to agencies.

Actionable Insights to Manage Demand

From initial contract to confirmed bookings to final commission payment, GroupPay provides access to real-time M&E event data, ensuring access to the most current data throughout the event's lifecycle. Through its business intelligence and data analytics it provides valuable insights into cash flow and brings awareness to avg days to pay by chain and property, total room nights and commission received, ADR and more. Plan confidently for future growth with GroupPay analytics.

Improved Partnerships

Hotels leverage Onyx’s automated payment platform to maintain positive relationships with meeting agencies who help drive their business. With GroupPay, agencies receive timely and accurate commission payments in the currency of their choice. In turn, agencies spend less time pursuing commissions owed and reconciling discrepancies. It’s a win-win scenario for both hotels and agencies allowing both to stay customer focused and deliver memorable experiences.

GroupPay: Taking You from Contract
to Commission Payment Seamlessly

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