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Deep Analytics Offer Actionable Insight

Onyx Insights is a state-of-the-art data analytics and business intelligence solution designed to go beyond basic reporting and provide valuable, actionable insights and recommendations to help clients make informed decisions and drive better business outcomes. With Onyx Insights, you’ll gain the power to manage your business with precision and achieve remarkable results.

The Onyx Insights offering is rooted in the specific needs of our clients and focused on key business performance themes. The offering includes a competitive benchmark set and displays new metrics that were not previously part of Onyx reporting, allowing you to measure your performance against industry standards.


With Onyx Insights, you can confidently evaluate your business’s performance and make data-driven decisions to achieve your goals.

Data Quality

A comprehensive evaluation of the quality of data received in the feeds sent to Onyx.

Average Daily Rate Analytics

A targeted analysis of average daily rate performance over time, with the ability to measure against a competitive set using booking composition and an average rate index.

Market Share

A high-level perspective of your market share based on all transactions processed by Onyx.

Late Payments

A concise summary of pending hotel commission payments, identifying the biggest concerns and where to focus collection efforts.

Future Demand

A forward-looking projection of your bookings and demand, providing support for better financial and supplier forecasting.

Performance Summary

An overview of top operational and financial key performance indicators relative to a benchmark set.

Making Sense of it All

Only Onyx has visibility to hospitality booking and stay data on a broad global scale, providing access to critical operational data with actionable insights for performance improvement and revenue optimization.

Delivering Rich Data for Deep Analytics

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