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The Future of B2B Payments at Onyx is Here

Since our founding, Onyx CenterSource has grown our payment capabilities to bring new and innovative solutions to the hospitality industry. Our legacy as the leading global provider of B2B payments, business intelligence solutions and market insights has contributed greatly to our vision for the future. We envision a future for Onyx that can expand upon our innovative payment and analytic solutions for hotels and travel agencies, providing class-leading financial service capabilities to a broader segment of hospitality.


Onyx Payments Capabilities

Global Network
  • Onyx’s global payment network provides clients with an efficient and scalable solution for B2B payments, processing more than $2.1B in payments annually.
Acceptance & Distribution
  • Onyx processes more than 100 million unique B2B payment transactions annually, managing the acceptance and distribution of payment for more than 150k hotels and 200k agencies.
Foreign Exchange
  • Onyx facilitates payments in more than 160 countries around the globe and manages the full cross-border transaction process for clients and partners.
Payment Methods
  • Onyx accepts and distributes payments using the most secure payment innovation available to the hospitality market, including virtual payment, our newest distribution payment method.

Onyx Payments solutions offer a comprehensive answer to the complex inner workings of the wider B2B hospitality space, and our payment capabilities have laid the foundation for even more scalable product innovation. As we build and expand these capabilities, Onyx continues to evolve to meet the needs of a wider array of hospitality professionals.


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