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This webinar series features industry experts discussing B2B payments in the hospitality sector, solutions that address critical pain points, and best practices.

Three leaders in the hospitality field (Onyx CenterSource, Edgar Dunn & Company (EDC), and Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association (HEDNA) host a webinar series based on HEDNA’s whitepaper, Payments Trends and Future Best Practices in the Hotel Sector.

Guest Centric Payments

Webinar 1 focuses on how hotel guests pay and major hurdles for hotels including payment acceptance, currencies, operational inefficiency and PCI compliance and security.

B2B Payments

Webinar 2 focuses on how hotels receive payments from their trading partners and will address major main points related to money transfer and credit cards.

3rd Party Commissions

Webinar 3 focuses on the commission model and smoothing the commission process for business travel bookings made through the Global Distribution System (GDS).