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Recover Pro permet de compléter les services de consolidation des paiements proposés par Onyx. Nous gérons tous les aspects de collecte, de réconciliation et d’information de réservations avec l’information des séjours de vos clients dans les hôtels. Nous assurons le suivi et la comptabilisation des commissions de tout hôtel avec qui votre agence fait des affaires, et ce partout dans le monde. Onyx collecte les données de réservation à travers un processus automatisé, gérant toutes les données reçues, assurant la collecte des commissions, la facturation de celles-ci et fournissant tous les rapports nécessaires à une bonne gestion de vos commissions. Parmis les plus grandes agences au monde, plus de 10 000 d’entre-elles utilisent nos services.

Augmentation de vos commissions

Les clients remarquent une hausse de 20 à 40 pourcent de leur commissions grâce à Onyx.

Réduction de vos frais administratifs

L'externalisation du traitement des commissions à Onyx réduit considérablement les ressources internes qui étaient nécessaires à l’administration de vos commissions.

Moins de frais bancaires

Un paiement électronique hebdomadaire ou mensuel dans la devise de votre choix permet généralement de réduire considérablement les frais bancaires et les frais de taux change.

Rapports et perspective d’affaire

Recevez le rapport complet de toutes vos commissions dans un fichier électronique, et ce, incluant le relevé de TVA

Un service de facturation des commissions performant

Nous fournissions l’inventaire complet de vos transactions commissionnables afin d’assurer aux hôtels ainsi qu’aux agences, une administration et déclaration fiscale dans les règles.

Suivi des hôtels

Afin d’assurer un recouvrement de toutes les commissions dues aux agences, un suivi des hôtels ainsi que des commissions impayées sera appliqué sur une période de 12 mois.

"HRS Group operates as an Online Travel Agency and Global Hotel Solutions Provider. We support hotels and other destinations in the distribution of their accommodations as well as optimizing the traveler’s booking experience. This results in thousands of payment transactions worldwide. For that, we found a very reliable partner with WPS (an Onyx CenterSource company) and have been successfully working together for many years. We trust in the innovative payment solutions Onyx offers to us."
-Frank Kaczmarek, HRS Group
"During the first 15 months of using Net Trans (an Onyx CenterSource company) to reconcile our travel agency commissions, we saw a 20 percent increase in collection. Net Trans also exceeded the performance measures that were put into our contract."
-John Coffman, Direct Travel
"We have partnered with Net Trans (an Onyx CenterSource service) for many years and they are a very reliable, professional partner who has increased our commissions collection ratio significantly. Their excellent reporting tools and customer service is first class and they have helped grow our business substantially. "
-Oliver Megyeri, Verkehrsbüro Group
"When travel agents don’t find their commissions, WPS (an Onyx CenterSource company) always steps in to provide the correct answer within 24 hours. We are very happy and I would definitely recommend using them."
-Alonso Alvarez de Toledo, Made for Spain
"Since we have partnered with Net Trans (an Onyx CenterSource company) our revenue has increased by 10 - 16 percent yearly. Furthermore, the consolidation of payments in a monthly unique bank transfer in Euros simplifies our administrative tasks and allows us to make significant savings in bank charges."
-Romain Cluis, Orsud Voyages
"Onyx CenterSource are professional and provide good value for our business. They are easy to deal with and provide the necessary support that we need. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any business."
-Graeme Horner, Financial Controller QBT
"Signing up with Net Trans (an Onyx CenterSource service) has increased our revenue from hotel commissions by 35 percent all while simultaneously reducing banking costs and administration efforts."
-Reisebüro Reeg, Lufthansa City Center, Germany
"We have partnered with Onyx CenterSource for the last 5 years. We find them a reliable and professional partner who manage to increase our hotel commission profit significantly. Additionally, it greatly reduces our time spend reconciling our hotel bookings together with giving us some further insight into our hotel revenues. We have no hesitation in recommending their service to others."
-Carl Buerckner, Executive Chairman Platinum Travel Corporation
"After using WPS (an Onyx CenterSource company) for six months, we can confirm that this is a great tool to optimize our commission payment process and save money by avoiding bank fees. It is also important to mention the attentive customer service."
-Olga Cervantes Ochoa, Peru Empire

Less Administration, More Revenue

The process of hotel commission tracking, collection and reporting had been a significant challenge for our global Travel Management Company client. Within nine months of implementation, our client saw a net increase of 20% in hotel commission collections.

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