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Kevin Housh

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Kevin Housh

Chief Financial Officer

As chief financial officer for Onyx CenterSource, Kevin Housh is responsible for the accounting, tax, finance, treasury and HR operations of the company. Prior to his current position, Kevin served as controller of Pegasus Solutions Inc. directing the global finance and administrative operations of the business including accounting, treasury and tax.

From the beginning Kevin has been instrumental in helping Onyx execute on its growth strategy, beginning with the carve out and stand up of the business associated with the initial HIG purchase, to subsequent acquisitions and their associated integrations as well as current growth initiatives.

Kevin is a CPA licensed in Texas and spent 10 years in public accounting prior to his tenure at Onyx, including leading global Fortune 500 company audit engagements with KPMG in Dallas.

Why I love the travel industry:

“There is so much going on underneath the surface to make relatively simple travel happen and happen in a way that is usually seamless to the traveler. If you stop and think about how many systems and interfaces have to go right for you to have a pleasant trip, it’s amazing. All the inter-connections, all the intricacy — it is incredibly complex.  And that’s what keeps me hooked, the complexity and therefore the possibilities of what can be done.”